Crib Goch (Red Ridge) 3027ft (923m) GR SH 6239 5518

Crib Goch is a sharp arête forming a subsidiary summit of Yr Wyddfa. It is the third summit visited on the classic North bound traverse of the 14 peaks.

In good conditions it is an airy and exposed walk. In windy or wet conditions, and certainly in winter,  it is no place for the inexperienced walker with a problem with exposure. Slips and violent gusts have caused fatalities, including a President of the Alpine Club.

Walkers on the 14 peaks traverse will probably have visited the ridge several times before their big day and will be familiar with the descent options. The true summit point is at the Snowdon end of the knife edge section. However many will opt to make the full traverse of the ridge and then descend by turning left and following the north ridge down into Cwn Glas.

The peak takes its name from the distinct red rock.