Glyder Fach 3262ft (994m)

Glyder Fach's summit requires a bit of a scramble to get to the very highest point. It's a place where a slip could bring an end to a traverse, and some will simply opt to walk past the summit block rather than attempt it.

The plateau between the two Glyderau is a place where some navigational ability is required in poor visibility.

A northbound party will probably opt to descend to Bwlch Tryfan by a badly worn scree run while southbound parties with a little time may well opt to scramble up Bristly Ridge, an excellent scramble at the upper end of the grade 1 scale. 

The picture (crown copyright) shows Tryfan in the foreground with Glyder Fach to the left. The Glyderau plateau is visible - and in the far distance Snowdon.