Carnedd Dafydd 3424ft (1044m) David's Cairn SH 6628 6305

The rockiest and roughest of all the high tops of the Carneddau, this mountain boasts not one but several huge piles of stones dating from the Bronze Age.
Dafydd however, was a medieval prince, brother of Llewelyn ap Gruffudd, or Llewelyn the Last, who was captured by the soldiers of Edward 1, and taken to London to be ritually hung, drawn and quartered.

To the North lie the huge damp cliffs of Ysgolion Duon, the Black Ladders (pictured here from Yr Elen) , beloved by botanists and winter climbers. In days gone by O.S. maps used to indicate a boundary running in a straight line from Carnedd Dafydd to Carnedd Llewelyn, over these cliffs. As the symbol for a boundary was very similar to that for a path in those days , there were not a few navigational epics. Nowadays, however, the path is fairly obvious.