Foel Grach 3202ft (976m) The Hill of Scabs SH 6887 6588

Rising out of a flat grassy plateau this summit is little more than a rocky knoll, distinguished only by the presence of a large burial cairn. Like those on Carnedd Llewelyn and Carnedd Dafydd, this would have enclosed a stone coffin, or cist, bearing the remains of an important cheiftan from Bronze Age times 3-400 years ago. In those days the climate was warmer and drier than it is now and people could live and graze their flocks high up in the mountains, as witnessed by the traces of a settlement in Cwm Dulyn, not so far away.

The other feature of interest to the walker, is the mountain refuge tucked inconspicuously under some bluffs on the north side of the summit. A small and cheerless shelter it can nevertheless provide a welcome respite in wild weather.