Although the dangers of mountain walking can be over-stated, the traverse of the 14 peaks is not an activity without risk. Fitness and experience in the UK mountains are essential for a safe traverse.

A traverse will require the ability to navigate, possibly at night and/or in poor weather conditions. Poor weather brings its own challenges at 3,000 feet and at some distance from the road. Modern GPS technology is very accurate but depends on batteries. A map and compass should always be carried.

There are places on the traverse where a simple slip would have serious consequences.  Crib Goch (pictured) is the most obvious example of steep ground where scrambling is called for, but Tryfan and Pen Yr Ole Wen have scrambling ground too.

Mountain Rescue teams will confirm that fatigue is a factor in many mountain accidents. When tired it is much easier to make a mistake in scrambling or navigation. In many sections of the traverse there is no mobile telephone reception.

It would make good sense to make separate visits to each of the three mountain groups ahead of any attempt at a complete traverse. A mountain day on the Carneddau is a wonderful experience on the UK's largest area of ground above 3000 feet outside Scotland. A mountain journey from Tryfan to Y Garn is one of the finest mountain days one could hope to have. A pre dawn ascent of Yr Wyddfa beats the crowds and allows one to experience the special magic of the highest summit in Wales. Enjoy them separately before tackling the enchainment!

There are plenty of places on the web where basic advice is available on mountain clothing and footwear. Society members enjoy substantial discounts at local outdoor retailers but good kit is not a subsitute for experience in the mountain envionment. A last minute check on the mountain weather forecast for Snowdonia is essential to judge the right kit for the day. Heavy boots and full waterproofs are sometimes unwanted extra weight and sometimes potentially life-saving essential protection.

If you do not feel confident making these judgements you could decide to make the traverse with someone more experienced. This is a good place to start