Foel Fras 3091ft (942m) The Rough Hill SH 6963 6817

The last (or first!) of the fourteen summits to be reached, Foel Fras is the only one in the Carneddau (or Glyderau too, come to that) to sport a trig point, making it unmissable even in thick mist.

This is convenient as the top of the mountain is a flat, boulder-strewn plateau on which it would otherwise be difficult to determine the highest point. Another aid to navigation, and a very welcome wind-break in bad weather, is a solid stone wall that begins a kilometer to the north east and runs another half kilometer to the south, before turning abruptly to the east and descending towards Cwm Dulyn where it terminates mysteriously in the middle of a steep hillside.

Nowadays, the wall is continued in both directions by a wire fence, but if the old story about Enclosure Walls being built by French prisoners of war is correct, maybe this wall was a victim of the battle of Waterloo in 1815. Ironically, Foel Fras is probably the remotest of  all the fourteen summits and for the weary walker it is still a long rough way in any direction to reach a road.